Tozmo's N40L

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

RAM: KVR1333 D3E9SK2/8G (ECC)

HD: SSD in ODD SATA spot. 2x 4tb Toshiba NAS drives

Other things:

eSATA port multiplying functioning with this Addonics RAID card / port multiplier card that sits in a DIY JBOD enclosure

The N40L is directly connected to router.

I took the 5.25 bay cover out and put in air conditioning mesh for any potential improvement in airflow. I also inserted the AC mesh in between the front door panels.


Primary use is to store videos (DVD backups) and music library. Mac Mini easily connects in OS X over wifi to retrieve and send media to server. Also can use RDP in OS X or on iPads to control local.


Windows Server 2012 R2; Plex; Hard Disk Sentinel; HotSwap!


I now have 5 drives in an external enclosure connected from the Addonics card to the Microserver that I can use as additional backup.

Next I wonder about using SmartOS with ZFS, and then virtualize Windows.